Privacy Policy

01. Data Security and Privacy

We do not use any data from Facebook apart from your name and email. We also do not share or disclose this infromation with any third party. All data is private to our users only. In case Influencer shares any campaign, the campaign manager can see details of Influencer if needed. This information exchange is subject to decision made by Influenz management. All personal details are kept private. In case of a data breach by any unauthorized usage, Influenz does not hold itself accountable for the loss of data. Influenz has all the necessary checks in place to keep the data private.

02. File Submission

Any files uploaded by any user shall be kept private to the user. The links of the files uploaded by any users shall be shared as per situation. For example, if a campaign is shared, all necessary files uplaoded in the campaign will be shared with Influencers.

03. Web browser cookies

We store user information via cookies. This is done to improve consumer experience and mkae sure all security propocols are maintained throughout usage of our service. We store login information and other related consumer information. When any user clicks on shared links, we track and detect usage of the same device/browser/network to keep check on illegal usage of the system.

04. API Keys

We do not share any API keys for any public use. Any use of any API key is unauthorized and illegal. We use API keys to keep all our internal application data private and secure. These API's are encrypted and must not be shared with anyone. Any unauthorized use of our application using our API's is illegal and subject to jurisdiction.

05. Third party Services

We use multiple open source 3rd party softwares to keep the systems operational. We also use multiple 3rd party systems for payment gateways and we have all appropriate approvals by the service provider.

06. Sessions

We store session information for each user and we keep track of authentication information to make sure that no unauthorized usage happens. We keep this information private in our servers and nobody has access to such information.

07. Data Deletion

Any user who wished the data to be deleted can email us at We will comply with such requests. The user will not be able to register again in such cases.

Terms & Conditions

01. Access To The Services

All Influencers signing up on our mobile apps can only access the services via authorized Facebook or Apple account. All clients signing up for our services can only do so after confirming their email ID's through rgistration system. Any other usage of our services is illegal and subject to jurisdiction.

02. Obligations And Restrictions

Our obligation is to keep the sata private and share the necessary data with relevant stakeholders according to the software functions. We also restrict unauthorized usage of our services. We restrict over payment and over charging in any case. Influencers cannot withdraw money more than they have earned and clients won;t be charged more than their campaign balances.

03. Submission of Data

All data submitted by authorized use of our system is permitted. The data is kept in secured servers. In case of any illegal data breach, Influenz does not hold itself accountable for the same. Appripriate legal action will be taken against hackers who try to breach the security protocol and try to undue advantage of the system.

04. Privacy Policy

All policies are driven as mentioned above in "Privacy Policy" section. All users are required to read through it and ensure its compliance at all times.

05. Pricing and Payment

All payments done have transaction logs which can be used to track the payments. The pricing is fixed by Influenz and clients who are making the campaigns. We do not negotiate on any pricing and it is fixed in the system. In case of any issue, Users are required to contact us as given in the website.

06. Refunds & Cancellations

We have a no refund policy. In case of failed recharge but payment was deducted, email us at for processing a refund of the failed transaction. Also, you can transfer the balance from any campaign to other campaigns easily in case you want to stop the campaign.

07. Unauthorized Usage

Our system detect unuaual activities for every influencer. Forced clicks, multiple clicks are not allowed. The clicks must be from a unique user for a valid payment. In case of breach of any terms, the account will be blocked and willnever be unblocked. All pending payment will be refunded back to campaigners.